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Verona Competitive Cheer is a competitive cheering group that is open to all Verona girls ages 5-18 years of age. Our goal is to allow the girls to do what they love in a safe and professional atmosphere. The girls are taught by professional coaches and do lots of team building activities within each team and throughout the organization. 

Verona Competitive Cheer 


We are a competitive cheering group that is open to girls in the Kindergarten through 12th grade. The goal of our organization is to support the girls in many different areas as they actively do what they love, CHEER! 

Team Building


Our organization strives to give the girls many different team building activities. Not only do the girls participate in activities within their own teams but we also do a lot of tembuilding events as a whole organization. This encourages the girls to recognize that they are really one team! 

Giving Back

Verona Competitive Cheer tries to give back to the communities as much as possible. We have the girls earn money so that they can help give back to the community they so dearly love being a part of. 

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